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Live bait tank

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Hi Mate

Where did you get the pickup pipe from? Are they manufactured by someone or did you make it. I made a tank a few years back where you used to lift up a draw and all the bait were bought to the surface so you didn't get wet arms or sleves in winter catching your next livey out. I also had a extra pump built in the bottom to pump to a spray bar to keep bait alive when your boat was still on the trailer as i used to stop and get bait in a little creek on the way to my Jew spot.

Live Bait Rules


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Hi Sean,

Pick up came from bias boating I think, I prefer this type to the one with the bilge pump mounted on it

I use a battery air pump when collecting bait if before trip

I have a little net to catch the small fish like mullet and herring in the live tank, only ever forgot that once


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