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WTB : Female Blue Texas

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Hi John, I have been trying to get some photos for you but every time I go near the tanks they think its feeding time and they won't stay still. But I'll keep trying. To bring you up to date the largest of the flower horns pretty much tripled in size immediately and turned into a red Texan look a like but with red eyes and long fins, really nice, the other two are growing very slowly and remain the same as when you ave them to me. The red Texan has just got bigger in with big Americans. I have just picked up another two red Texas and pretty confidant one is a female so I am going to see if the male I got from you will pair up. Don't know whether it will be good or a disaster. If I get any decent photos I will send them to you but so far they have been crap

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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