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culling fish

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:) good question...this will be interesting...

I reckon you can cull at any size(hey its your burden to bear :) :))...but what are you doing with a big fish that should have been culled as a youngster??????

always the younger the easier...and I cull pretty heavily(thanks to working with fancy goldfish..learnt from dealing with ranchu)...I would prefer to give away any fish that have had half a chance so grew more than regular "now departed" culls...and its always good to keep a big predator....;)

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I miss my jack.

He was always begging and made it easy!

Do I go all the way to the lfs for some crays.......... or do I chuck him anything not perfect?

Its good to aim for perfection.

But I have fallen many times into the trap of raising crap broken fish.

Sure you can give them away as pets or feeders

BUT its worth putting in the effort to grade and cull fry as young as possible.

Saves time and effort, and results in your A grade fish getting better food and water quality.

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