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Massive fish tank 6ft X 3ft X 2ft with filters, lights, rocks, fish, etc

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Selling our beloved fish tank, it is huge and one of a kind.

We really don't wanna sell it but need the money for our first home desperately. The tank is 6ft long 3 ft tall and 2ft wide and comes on a stand with heaps of cupboard space.

The tank also comes with everything in the pics, 2 external canister filters, power head (1200lhr), aqua one 404 air pump, food, fish, rocks, driftwood.

Some of the fish include a 40cm pleco, 3 tiger oscars (one albino) 2 green severums, 3 gold severums, one fenestratus, large female blue claw plus a fair few babies she has, a few convicts, rainbow shark, some bristlenose and probably more I'm forgetting plus the shrimp and gudgeons hiding in the rocks which haven't been eaten yet.

The tank has 4 lights in the hood and 1 night or moon light (needs re wiring) tank is approx 900 litres and is just amazing to sit and watch.

Inspections, and legitimate questions welcome.

Absolute bargain! Fish and extras worth it alone!

Can also text through extra pics


$2000 o.n.o

please call or text as i dont get on here as often as i'd like to.

0423 944 223






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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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