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My kapampa Frontosa Colony

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Waiting on the final touches to finish of the 2nd 8x2x2 so there all in another 8x2x2 atm together but there is 19 Kapampa in the tank ranging from 12cm to 28cm at a guess. 18 are F1 and 1 WC female which is the biggest in the tank.

Soon they will be split into the 2 tanks to grow out and breed.

Hope you enjoy :D










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Great looking fish mate. Hope they do well for you. Gonna get some fry of my own soon hopefully. Let me know if you got some fry

Cheers mate. There still got plenty of years before there fully grown but it's a strong colony without a doubt. I have 2 holding atm (one is above pictured) and another a bit smaller. If they don't swallow on me or eggs foul up in the strainer hopefully I might be able to get some into the market in another 6 months. Pm me in a few months if your still chasing and I will let you know how I went. I have about 12 - 13 females so should get something soon I hope.

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mate, i have seen this journey from the beggining, and i cant wait till they breed well for you. going to be a great day when your fry hatch and grow into little fronnies

Cheers mate. Yeah it's feels like a lifetime of waiting already but they will get there one day and when it happens it will come in droves.

looks nice.. love that picture with your hand on it..so BLUE!

Thanks mate but that was Lloydashton's hand mate when he sent me the pics before I brought them. I can't take the credit for that one lol

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