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BIG running fluidized K1 filter

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Yeah, the water flowed out of the tank and into that 200 micron sock then the water went to the bottom of that big tube and through a series of holes pushed back up through the K1 and out the overflows on the drum and into the sump then through the sand filter.

Damn that's some serious filtration!

I've just finished putting together my new system with K1. I've got my outflows going to a 100litre plastic rainwater container (with filter sock) that leads through to a 60 litre plastic barrel with K1 that leads to a second 60 litre barrel with K1 that leads on to my sump then back to the tank. I've got about 75 litres of K1 across the two barrels and each barrel has a 20-litre-per-minute flat airstone to keep it all moving (running off a HiBlo HP40).

I put the old media from the sump in the 100 litre and I'm planning to use the sump (currently empty except for heater and pump) to grow some plants and as a holding tank for feeders.

It's taken me a while to get it all working properly, but it's going pretty well now.

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