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DIY 3 Foot 3 Tier Stand under $60 - or make it for 4 foot

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Instructions and wood sizes at the bottom.

This will house 3 Tanks 900X460X460 or 3 foot X 18" X 18"

You can make this a 4 foot 3 tier stand and have the alterations at the end.

This is the tools that I used and the wood.


End result

Front View


Side View



Timber I used in total 18 meters.

The timber came in 6 meter lengths so I got 3 and 9cm X 3.5cm

I bought the timber from Bunnings and was $2.35 per meter.

Timber $42.30

8 Bolts with washers and nuts. Bolts need to go through 7cm of wood plus the size of the washer and nut.

Bolts were about $1 each

50 Pack of screws. The ones I got were 6.5cm long.

Screws were about $9

So in total less than $60

When I bought the timber from Bunnings they have an area where they can cut the timber. I got them to cut the following lengths.

151cm X 4 (Vertical Corners)

102cm X 6 (Horizontal Shelf Lengths)

95cm X 2 (Horizontal Center of shelf support)

46cm X 4 (Horizontal Top and Middle Tier Braces)

39cm X 4 (Base Bottom Tier)

Refer to the side view picture on how the cuts should be done and follow the below instructions.

On the 4 X 151cm Vertical corners mark bottom of one end.

All measurements will be from the bottom so that you are not a couple of millimeters out.

The 4 X 151cm Vertical corners need to have 3 cut outs on them.

Tip:- If you Clamp the 4 pieces together to do the cutouts you will get a neater finish.

On the bottom you need to cut out 9cm X 3.5cm

Then measure up 62cm from the cut or 71cm from the bottom.

Do another cut 9cm X 3.5cm

I used 62cm to allow a gap of 7cm to brace or 16cm to middle tier.

The last cut you can do from the top of the 4 X 151cm Vertical corners again 9cm X 3.5cm.

If you used the clamp just make sure the timber is even at the top if not trim. (Bunnings do not usually cut exactly)

Lay down 2 of the 151cm cut outs with both the bottom markings at one end.

Get 3 of the 102cm Vertical pieces and put them in the cut outs. If a bit big for the cutouts sand back or file the cut outs to fit.

Make sure that it is square.

Put wood glue in the cut outs.

Drill 2 holes through the Horitontal 102cm lengths going through to the cut outs.

Screw in two screws into each of the holes. I counter sunk the holes to have a neater finish.

Do this for each of the 9 cut outs.

You should now have a frame.

Follow the above 8 steps for the other side of the frame.

Rest the two frames on their side with bottom marked at the same end.

Get 2 of the 46cm pieces.

Put one under the top tier and the other under the middle tier.

You need to drill 1 hole all the way through each of the ends of the 46cm pieces and the frame.

This drill hole needs to be big enough for the bolt goes through.

Screw in 4 of the bolts into each hole and tighten

Turn over the frame to the opposite sided and do the above 5 steps on the other side.

Lay the frame on either the front or the back.

Get 4 of the 39cm pieces.

This is for the bottom.

Look at this image as this is how they fit in. The measurement is up to you with even spaces or similar to what I have done.


Where each of the 4 of the 39cm pieces fit to the frame again drill 2 holes through the frame and into the ends of the 39cm pieces and screw in 2 screws into each of the two holes of each piece. Roll over the frame and do the same for the other side.

Stand up the stand on its base.

With the 2 of the 95cm pieces they fit on the top tier and middle tier for a center support as you can see in the side view.

I used the left over pieces from the cut outs 9cm X 3.5cm on either side of the 95cm pieces and screwed them into the frame to hold the center support in place.

To make this a 3 Tier 4 foot stand simply add 40cm to each of the horizontal lengths.

151cm X 4 becomes 191cm X 4

102cm X 6 becomes 142cm X 6

95cm X 2 becomes 135cm X 2

You follow the same instructions just with the substitutions.

Enjoy and have fun.

Took me about 4 hours with beer...would be a bit longer with out beer and may not look as good.

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