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hiya everyone, my name's jess. i really like the look of this forum, and the fact that it's qld based, so i've decided to start posting.

for now i have a series of smaller tanks, but when i move house i'm setting up a 70 litre and then hopefully something over 150 litres. i'm into tropicals and bumblebee gobies are my current obsession. my partner has never been into fish but he's going to set up a cherry red shrimp tank when we move. it's all very exciting.

i'm here to learn more and share what i know already. i love a good forum!!

here's one of my fighters in his swanky tank. he's had a heater added since this photo was taken and has made the biggest bubble nest i've seen in my life


here is one of my cat fishes (heh heh)


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welcome Jess, I bet you can't wait to move and set up your tanks. This is a great forum and will learn a lot and make a lot of new friendly fish lover friends as well.

cheers Jodie :)

i'm super excited about moving. i've had the 70 litre tank for 3 months and have already bought the substrate and some of the rocks. i've even bought 2 of the fish already that someone is fish-sitting for me!

hi jess welcome to the forum and yes clayton is right and this forum can be addictive worse than coffee :):):):)

oh by the way we love the rare species of catfish got to get me one of those. :lol::lol::lol:

cheers from Neville and Paula :)

ohh i'm already addicted to another forum, so i'll have to divide my time between them now. at least they're opposite subjects.

yes she is a very rare catfish, the snuggly kind!!

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Hey Jess

It is a swanky tank - love to see a happy betta in a good sized tank.

Good luck with the move.


yeah nothing's better than a fighter with enough room to move and things to explore. when i move, all of my fighters are getting a similar set up. at the moment they're each living in 5 litre unfiltered and unheated tanks and it's so sad :(

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