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Hi all

Can anyone help with metro dosage for a bloated apisto?

How much, how often and when/if to do water changes during treatment?

I have two agassizi's - one is definately bloated - but poo is fine.

But he doesn't look good. :(

The other has white stringy poo, but no bloat.

Should I treat bloat with metro first, then treat for worms?

Or can you piggyback certain drugs????

They are both in a well cycled 80 litre quarantine tank - ammonia & nitrites 0, nitrate< 5

Eheim 2213 & a small internal eheim.

Temp 26,

ph 7.2

Thanks :)

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Thanks for that tip, appreciate it. :)

I had googled metro dosage prior to posting - but info was varying to say the least.

Had a look at TF, and found a few different dosage recommendations on the emergency thread, tried to do a search, but can't use search function if not a member.

Will join and post there if I get no joy here.

Thanks again :)

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For anyone else....

Flagyl, or Metronidazole is for bacterial infections and also to treat Hex (hole in the head). Dose rate is 250 mg per 10 lts of tank water every 48 hours, with a 30% water change before each new dose, for 3 treatments.

Lights must be off during the treatment, as Metro is destroyed by light. If the fish is still eating, soak some dry food in metro and water. That way it goes straight into the gut where it does the most good, and put the remainder of the metro in the water.

Dropping the level of the water in the tank is a good way to reduce the amount of medication needed. Just make sure your filters and heater can still function properly.

Remember, no carbon in your filters during treatment of any kind, and turn your UV off if you have.

Frenchy :sheep:

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