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1xRed Empress male 12cm, 1xMaingano male 10cm , 1xNgara Flametail (female) 7cm

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Price change: Maingano Male $10, Ngara Flametail Female, $5

All 3 are in a 90L tank as I had to move & cut tanks:(

They all get along well ("Nurple" the fem Ngara Flametail gets nipped fins sometimes but no real damage, lost her male "Loose" due to forgetting to put the lid back on properly, woke up to a fishy funeral), "Ninja" the Maingano is very, very peaceful for the species. Both in the bigger tank & now in the small tank he's never caused a drama. "Punk" the Red Empress is a very cruisy fish, love the way he changes his colours. It's not really fair for me to keep them in small quarters & if you take all 3 I'll do a great deal. I can send pics & answer any Q's you may have just PM, text or call me anytime

BTW free cherry shrimp with purchase if you want them...

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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