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Anyone know how to get "Metronidazole"?

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I got mine from the vet.

I rang and spoke with him, told him what was wrong with the fish answered some questions about the fish in general, recommended dosage and treatment duration, what bloat was, what I thought may have been underlying factors - actually I just crapped on.

He was pretty up front and told me he knew nothing about fish but seemed pretty content that I knew what I was talking about (little did he know)

Hint - get double or even triple amount needed.

Silly me only got enough Metro for this episode of bloat :urgh:

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Clout tablets can also be used for hole in the head - but Bill Smith told me years ago that clean water is the key to fixing it.

If you want to source some clout tabs PM Aiden/hookedonfish.

Metro and clout tabs do have a use by tho as do all drugs.



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