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how do ship fish to victoria

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you can send it via a courier, fastways (around $50) etc, but going from QLD to VIC you should use o2 in the bags - someone on here might be able to help you if you don't have oxygen or go to a lfs and ask them if they will gas them for you.

Otherwise send air frieght using AAE etc and they pick up from airport, if you use air freight you need fish approved stryos. Just ring them and get a quote.



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http://westerncichlids.com.au/freightin ... australia/

I usually get boxes from Smiths aquarium. Most lfs will have them. Just ring them first to make sure they have spares. I think he charged me about 5-10 dollars last time. Fasting the fish is very important! I only double bag when sending to perth. But I guess its a good precaution. You will need to know how to tie the bags well so they dont deflate. Line the box with a garbage bag, and plenty of newspaper/paper towel. Once its all in, tie up the garbage bag so any leaks dont escape the box. If you know a plumber, you can use their oxygen. Otherwise, What Stace said. :lol:

I dont have oxygen, but if you need any help, I am not far away and can help if you need it...


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