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FS: Sml Tanks, Seachem Products, deco.

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hey guys time to clear out a few lil bit and peices starting to take up space:

Small tanks (in centimetres) WidthxDepthxHeight:

46x23x23 23L 1mm red Gravel substrate $10

38x20x20 15L small undergravel filter+5mm coffs harbour gravel $7

36x21x25 19L 3mm cream coloured gravel $7

51x21x30 38L Undergravel filter + gravel $15

44x44x69 133L Has a calcium carbonate substrate+ 2x25mm holes drilled :this tank is an awesome shape square and quiet tall $40

61x31x30 56L Has a calcium carbonate substrate + 1 25mm hole in side (small crack from hole to top hold water fine(repaired) $15


Seachem Flourish iron 100mL (prob 90mL remaining) $5

Seachem reef buffer 250g (bout half full) $10

Seachem Garlic guard 250mL (guessing 190mL) $5

Drilled flower pots (great for cichlids) Sml $1 med $1.50 and lge $3 sizes holes around 50c peice size

large peice of scoria (undrilled/ size of bowling ball) $10

Slate 8 peices in total all mostly medium size $5 for the lot

Sponge filter twin foams $5

tub of coral rubble (roughly 7kg) $ 10

also have HEAPS of various plumbing attachments 20mm pvc, poly fitting, taps T peices etc. all $1ea

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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