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ANGFA Qld website remodel

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ANGFA Qld has ditched it's clunky old website and is working on a new model that will hopefully be a lot more useful for everyone. As part of the change we've also decided to have a 12 month trial of making our monthly magazine 'In-Stream' publicly accessible and if after 12 months we've retained enough members, we're hoping to keep it that way. In-Stream covers a wide range of topics, including aquatic habitats and conservation, fish profiles, general husbandry, and travel stories. We've still got work to do, but if you're not familiar with ANGFA it might be worth a sticky beak. We're always looking for more articles so if you've got something interesting you'd like to share, let us know. I'm also happy to put up announcements and calendar entries from the fish-keeping community to let other ANGFA members know about them if you want to pass them on to me.

At our meetings we have guest speakers, a shop with dry goods and books, and a (small) auction after the talk. There are always some fantastic bargains - last time we had display quality adult Bosemani breeders selling out at well under $10 each. The next meeting is June 12 and new faces are always welcome. It would be great to see some of you there.

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It's taken a while, but I've gradually put up all the back issues of In-Stream I could get my hands on - that's every issue this century :). There are some great stories in amongst them, so far I've only had time to read a few. Please feel free to contact the committee with comments as the open access website will only continue if the committee decides it's beneficial to the club. As I said before, we're always looking for stories - general aquarium keeping as well as natives - so if you'd like your story in print let us know.


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