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FOR TRADE 2 of 3x2x16's drilled

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My snooks have now gone to their new owner and i would like to get rid of their old tanks. Each tank is 90x60x40 (LxWxH in cm) and has had 2 holes, to suit 25mm bulkheads, drilled in them. One hole in each tank has been blanked with a piece of glass. Both tanks do not have centre bracing, rather, they have wide edging, 6-8cm approx. Im not interested in getting cash for these, rather i am after something in exchange. Neither tank come with lids or bulkheads or gravel or heaters or stand or filters or nothing, its tanks only. As far as i know neither tank leaks

Pm or text me on 0434149659



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OK people i do not know what i want. Normally i would sell stuff to pay bills or buy more fish food or fish etc, however i am happy with things at the moment and these are not going to be used.

At the moment the few things that come to mind are, 25mm bulkheads and strainers, small pieces of scorio rock approx 7-10cm in size, male sypilum or just throw an offer at me, i wont be insulted by any offer. Also i have just started cycling the wifes plant display tank that will be stocked with angels or discus and i am still needing lighting for 28 inch deep tank, more pieces of driftwood (wifes choice on them tho), some peat, and 10L of plant substrate.

So theres some ideas for all the people that have asked. Of course if you had a 4 foot 4 globe T5HO light near new with 4 brand new plant globes i wouldnt be doing a straight swap rather i would give YOU some cash aswell ;););)

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