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fry saver/egg tumbler/brine shrimp hatchery

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Hep people got this idea off youtube diy brine shrimp hatchery, but alterd it slightly

All you need is:

2x suction cups

airline hose

top half of a 2L soft drink bottle with the cap

a bit of silicone

Firstly cut a hole in the middle of one suction cup a little smaller then the diameter of the airline hose your using,

place the suction cup in the soft drink Cap forcing it to sit nice and air tight (silicone can be used)

then feed airline hose through the cap flush with the suction cup

get the top of the 2L bottle and attach the second suction cup to the outside of the bottle so that it can be placed inside of the tank and sucked to the glass....

its costs virtually nothing, its quick and easy

Pics if you don't understand or want to have a look

(sorry bout the bad quality but just in case you cant see it that's a clear suction cap in the lid )

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A few drops of methylene blue every couple of days is good to help stop fungus i have found and take dead eggs out 2. Not sure how you spell it but i use a "pipette" to pick dead eggs out and it works great for administering the meth blue aswell heres a link to what they look like


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