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Aandt society June 8 early morn collecting trip

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This is our early morning monday june 8 collecting trip.

We got to the water and it looked cold and dirty and it was dirty,so after a hot coffee or two and sit and look at the lovely ocean,we finaly got in.

Danny was into it first,he was keen,than colin, Nick and myself sat and slowly got in,we were the delecate ones,especialy me,eewww cold.

After we got in it was obviously low vis but it wasn't that cold,it was quite nice actualy,the plan than was to get Nick a tang,but that didn't work out.

Personaly i was after nothing,but if any one wanted something in particular as the vis was no good for some video,thats what i was there for,oh and i absolutely love the ocean and the sports with in!

The day was fine and the water was fun,so another great day out.

It was so early the moon was still up,but not the sun yet.


A couple of fish caught for colin and Nick.



Danny took some pics while chasing a few marines along the way and as you can see the vis was not great that day.

Once danny gets the shutter speed worked out more,there will be more and better.


Not the best of catches or vis,but we were mainly there to have fun,get some excercise,catch a few fish and enjoy a very nice day out together to share our passions for the ocean and the marine aquarium hobby!

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