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Introducing NEW image thumbnails for the QLDAF aquarium Trader

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Hi All

I have just introduced a new exciting feature on QLDAF for all those who use this site to trade.

the NEW feature is image thumbnails as a preview for your item/fish that you have for sale.

The thumbnail will automatically be put in place if you "ATTACH" an image in your first post (Starting post)

QLDAF now allows easy uploading of images for your sale threads by simply pressing the image upload icon post-6066-1471162881736_thumb.jpg and then selecting upload from computer.

I strongly encourage all members to get into the habit of adding images to your for sale listing as other NEW FEATURES will be released soon.

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could that be one of the reasonsn I get two avatars whe using safari on my iphone? usually the OP avatar appears in every other post

I know there are a few bugs with safari, can you send me a screen shot?

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