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Does anyone able to repair my fish tank?

I have leak at bottom edge... need adhesive to seal up. I tried so many time to seal it but it still leaking! Maybe I got the wrong silicone but I don't know where to buy the correct silicone and how do I get the old adhesive join closely with new adhesive...

My fish has been in the bucket for a month now.

Help... :cry::cry::cry:

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we need to know where you are , can you update your profile to show your locatin. :D

there may be someone near to you that can help.

you need to get aquarium safe silicone, it is available from bunnings or most good hardware stores, it will be 'acetic cure' not 'neutral cure'

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Are you trying to put new silicone over the old silicone? New silicone will not adhere to old silicone therefore still leaving the leak.

The best thing to do is use a sharp blade and remove the old silicone on the inside panels of the tank. Don't try and remove the silicone between the glass panels, that's a lot more work, if it's a major leak then you may need to do this. Once you have removed ALL the silicone from inside the tank wipe the edges done with metho to get the last of the residue off. The apply the new silicone and smooth out with your finger or a 10c coin. Remember to let it cure for a week, to let the toxins evaporate.

hope that helps

Carl & Jenny

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Carl and jenny, is right, make sure you remove all the old silicone first and wipe the glass with meths or mineral turpentine to give it a clean adhesive surface.

I recently repaired my 1foot tank with sum silicon stuff i got from home hardware.Its "SELLEYS WET AREA".

Worked a charm on my tank, unfortunately the adhesive goes white not clear so may wanna find sum clear version, especially if its your display tank.

Mine is just a juvie grow out tank so didn't matter.

All i did was filled it up, let it run with no fish in it, for a day to make sure there was no leeks and tested all the normal jazz, ph, amonnia, nitrates etc to make sure that the sealant was ok.

Usually most adhesives take around 72 hours to cure and dry, but again depends on the silicone.

Hope this helps mate.....


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You can get get a selleys silicone

made for tanks but if the tank is over 3 feet you r beter off getting a stronger brand like GE

And use meto not turps

But when u cut off the old adheasive make shore you don't cut in to the join and run the beed all the way from 1 side to the other where the leek is


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OK... Guys...

I can see the light from the tunnel...

So what is the best silicone for fish tank?

I have cut the leaking section... (The Gap) because it grows algeas...

So I have remove all the silicone from inside?? All Edge??? Just confirming... 8O8O

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