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8x2x2 + 6x2x2 package

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ok just got 2 redhooks to sell then these tanks will be going.

both tanks on 1 metal stand painted black with the 8ft on top and a space next to the 6ft for a sump which i never got around to doing. the 8ft tank has 2 drilled holes for sump. 2 internal filters for each tank + gravel + heaters and some rocks and stuff here if wanted. all in pretty good condition the 6ft had a crack on the bottom about a year a go but i siliconed it up and its been full of water since no leaks or anything. also the buyer can have a 3foot sump tank for free. only asking $700 for the LOT! well under half price for what i paid. will try and gets some pics up in the next week or so. thanks

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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