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Albino B nose Breeding Q's

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I have three of these @ about 6 cms and i think i have 2 males and 1 female i think that they are all related bros and sis. My questions are :

1 should i allow these guys to breed or will they turn out all mongy ?

2 what is the ultimate ratio for male to female in a 2ft ??

3 How many could i house in such a tank ???

4 I also have a 4 ft on the way could this tank be better utilised in breeding senario if so how many pairs would work ????

5 Do i need a grow out tank or will these guys be ok in a colony ?????

I know i have alot of questions but any answers to my questions would be most appreciated!!!

Regards Josh

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in a 2ft I'd only have a trio 1m 2fm

as for doing the tazzie thing um well yeah probably not a good idea but its been known to happen without too many problems

i think its only once u have the second and third and 4th generations of the tazzie thing going on they may turn out rather funky ( the kids of these breeding with the kids of theirs etc etc )

in your 4ft i'd suggest 3 or 4 pairs or a couple trios

i have 2m 5fm and alot of they fry in my 4ft which is sumped they happily live together as a colony with all their baby's


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