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Let me know when you find one :)

There was a RTG on Gumtree the othehr month, it was definitely not the best looking, missing barbels not to mention it was $3500 and looked very shifty.

They're almost impossible to get in good shape with a certificate.

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I am not 100% clear on this, but my understanding is:

Asian Arowana are CITES listed and not allowed to be traded.

In 1989 they decided to allow them to be traded provided they were bred in an aquarium for two generations, and documented with a chip.

Asian Aroawana are not on the allowable import list.

I am not aware of anyone in Australia breeding them for the two generations, hence an asian arowana that is offered for sale may not have a chip and hence be illegal, or will be chipped and be an illegal import, and even better a provable illegal import due to the chip tracing to the farm.

If anyone has better info please let me know.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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