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Dr. Axelrod's Atlas of Freshwater Aquarium Fishes

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Hey guys, I found a copy of Dr. Axelrod's Atlas of Freshwater Aquarium Fishes at a local store, and it seems a little dear, just wondering, is it worth a bit of money?



AND, more importantly, is it a good book??

I can't remember which edition it is, but I remember it has the oscar on the front.

Thanks guys, Finn.

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Have a look at the pics in it, see if the colourations of the fishes are what they should be. Quality, a lot of the pics will be taken from original editions. I have the blue mini edition with 1800 colour pics- with a Discus, group of Redtail guppies and the blind cave fish. Eg, a tropheus looks like its been put in a bag and kicked around the footy field then had its pic taken, a lot of the tetras are washed out, not many geographic variations ect ect. I would say its suitable for 10 year old, or a very quick basic reference.

You know what types of fish there are, the proper colours, variations, geographic variations and the fish that interest you. It's up to you, and if they are cheap :)

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Baensch Cichlid Atlas series ~ definitely more up to date!

It's significantly below $100, so I guess I'll have to grab it, does it matter what edition it is, obviously the later the edition, the more up-to date?

Actually mate, the older the better.

Not only is the text more funnier

but this is a relic of the golden days!

You are not buying it for up to date data!!!

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