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Robert Polzin

Sunshine Coast Aquarium Society

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Sunshine Coast Aquarium Society First Meet SAT 15th June 11am (Cotton Tree Park, Sunshine Coast near Maroochydore)

Ok we have decided to meet as a group of hobbiest on saturday 15th June at 11am until when ever you would like to leave

We will meet at the Cotton Tree park located on the river (GPS The Esplande, Cotton Tree)

It will be a family outing where you can bring your own lunch or BBQ on the BBQ's provided in the park.

The park has an excellent playground for children so KIDS ARE WELCOME.

The purpose of this outing is so that aquarium like minded locals can meet.

We will discuss about a regular meeting where we can run as a club and do some cool aquarium related activites.

We will try to get the tables near the play equiptment and will organise some kind of item that will symbolize who we are so you don't just go and join in on some other familes day out :)

We will start at 11am and will judt have a nice casual day and everonce is welcome to leave as they choose.

Any questions please ask here and we will try and answer them.

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Been done ,I think 4 times now in 20+ yrs,was the second president when the club got to 60 members ,huge library don't know where that is now.

Are going to set up a new club or resurrect the old.

Or is this a meet and greet?

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Sorry to here for those of you who have to work for this one. But we will be trying to have a meeting once a month.

We are also starting this fresh from the start but I am sure there will be a few old faces there from previous groups.

I know this has been tried and done before Kilo 1 but this is such a great hobby it is a shame it is not still going.

So we are hoping that this one will get up and running for all to enjoy. Cheers

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Just a reminder to all about our Aquarium Meeting, it is tomorrow.

We will have several prizes to give away on the day.

The weather looks like it is going to be a perfect and sunny day for us.

Hope to see as many of you there as possible to make this day for yourselves.

Don't forget to bring a chair as there is seating available but it is limited.

See you there.

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