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gravels for breeding tanks

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so i want some cheap gravel for the breeding tanks i am creating, this is for the BN that will be in there. i have found that i have a low death rate if there is some substrate in the tanks as i think the baby bn can dig around in the substrate and eat whatever is in there etc.

so a couple of things.

as i need around 50-60 litres of gravel so purchasing it from sponsors is not really going to work as 9kg is around $25 (unless i can get a deal from someone but i think the deal will be too low for them)

it is to cover 10 (12 if i have leftovers) 2 foot tanks by around 3cm and if my math is correct that is around 4 litres per tank

dont care what colour but it cannot contain corals as i want it to be a soft slightly acidic setup.

a few landscaping places have gravel but it is mostly between 10-20mm but i dont know what standard gravel for aquariums is.

here is what i have found so far.

Nambucca River Pebble 12mm (guess this is the same as coffs harbour as it is about 50kms from coffs (used to live in coffs))

this stuff is $14 for a 25 litre bag

Grey Granite 10mm

Would granite effect the water chemistry (PH or softness? etc)

this is $7 per 25 litre bag

Byron Bay Pebble 7 mm

from another store which is $75 per 1/2m3 which is around 500 litres :/

i will need to contact this company and ask the pricing as they do do a 20 litre bucket from $3 so we will have to see what they come back with.

Any feedback is welcome. but as i said above i cannot really afford $100 on gravel

free offers of gravel are welcome also :)

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Careful with larger gravel & baby BNs. If it shifts or slips then it can jam, pin, crush, damage, kill baby BNs. I use small 1-2mm glass beads with all my baby BNs (not many BNs left now, going out of them) but I doubt you'll find a deal on them. Maybe pool filter glass (made from recycled beer bottles, boil & rinse well or bleach then dechlorinate then dechlor again then rinse WELL) otherwise a coarseish sand would be better than 10mm+ gravel & won't break the bank or baby BNs backs...

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