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American/Giant gouramis

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red tail giant gourami male approx 55cm =$450

red tail giant gourami female approx 45 to 50 cm = $400

Pink giant gourami approx 65cm = $300

Grey Giant gourami approx 60cm = $250

Flag tail approx 40cm = $150

2x large Oscar approx 30cm $20 each

4 x L silver dollar $10 each

1 x L Jag $30

1 x M Jack dempsey $15post-4022-14711629001793_thumb.jpg

more info or pic just PM thanks no time wasters cheers





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Sorry guys fish all on hold for loyad till weekend, ounces all the fish is gone tank will be put on eBay, 8ft by 3ft by 2.7ft steel stand with wooden enclosure, 4ft by 2ft by 2ft sump, 2x 300watt jag heather, 10.000pump

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