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Returned: Sell Arowana Fish and other kinds of fish

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Fresh water tropical aquarium fishes for sale and others

highly beautiful different fish species to beautify your aquarium

shipping using courier services like FedEx, DHL and others depending on buyers location

Maximum of 3days shipping world wide

below are some of the species available



Gold fish



red parrot fish

moorish fish

rain bow cichids

mandarine fish


fish food and medicine available like dry worms ETC

contact for more information and details

Email ( ilovespam@yahoo.com )


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To the OP, if you are legitimate please email webmaster@qldaf.com and we will let you back in.

Members, needless to say someone offering Asian Arowanna is probably a scam especially when they offer worldwide shipping, especially using a picture easy to ID it's source as a singapore arowana site........

On the spam issue, we do not see much on the forum anymore. This is not bad as being a large forum we get targeted by an awful lot of spam. In fact well over 15000 spammers have been denied registration here.

Thanks to the webmaster we have installed a system dedicated to stopping spam. Most spammers do not even get to join as the door is slammed in there faces. So far over 15000 of them. Any spammer who does get past that stage hits stage two where any post that looks spamlike goes into automatic moderation until a moderater decides it is OK. If it is not OK we add to the list of spammers used by many sites. If OK moderrator makes it visible to all, but we have never had something look like spam that isn't spam yet.

Before installing this we used to have very busy mods removing the rubbish, especially the late night mods. Now is much easier.

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