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Another Dennisen 10 footer

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Just a quick update on my new Dennisen made 10 x 2 x 2.5 (d)

Great build quality, happy customer

Sliding lids

2 x fx5 and 2 x Chinese 2200lh filtration

Some residents




Red devil


Wild oscar

Red oscar

Male festae



Blue eye convict

Black ghost knife


Red texas

Flagtail prochilodus





Just took out my severums as they started to breed and beat everyone(!) up.


Cabinetry (mirrored) doors and sides getting made now

More updates as they come

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Hi, your tank looks unreal, it is my tank for retirement..... anyway just curious why you chose cannister filters instead of a sump... Ive never had one either (wouldnt know how to set it up) so would probably go the cannister route too.... maybe??



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I've gone canisters for a quiet operation, ease of cleaning (20 cichlids do a lot!!!!! of poo that i never vacuum as it all goes in the filters) and I really don't know how much more weight my upstairs floor can hold! A sump would be another 400+ litres and I'm not a gambling man ;-)

The fish love the extra room.

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Those platforms are for the fx5s to sit on, absorbing vibration and some noise. Usually you sit loudspeakers on them to have them "float" so it does help a lot. The pumps are very quiet in the living room. The air pump was the noisiest item of all but I changed to round airstones and an eheim pump and its pretty good now. Will be lining the inside of the cabinetry with sound absorbing foam.

Will post more pics once the cabinetry is fitted.

Would recommend Dennisen anytime!

He makes a great tank and stand for 1/3 less than any other quotes I got from brisbane to Gold Coast to Logan, highly recommended.

Chinese filters are $100 from eBay and have done great in my 6 footer for Over a year, brand is AVU and they pump (on paper) 2200 Lh, really good pressure for stirring the top of water but causing no water noise. Just saying that Chinese filters have done well for very cheap

All media trays filled with special matrix or ceramic rings

I do 100% water change a week (I have 66000 litres in tanks around this place and work at home

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