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metronidazole- tropheus

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Hi Guys

I have lost a few tropheus in the last couple months and it's time to organise some metro, i have today rang three vets who all want consultance fee's and live fish with bloat in there shop.

this seems like bs.

i'm out at ipswich does anyone sell it around here, or know of a vet who does without the drama?

has anyone bought it off ebay befor?


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Hi Ado,

I used to get mine from a breeder in Sydney that breeds a lot of Tropheus. He used to sell the 400mg tablets.

You could drop him and ask if he still has any for sale.....



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Oh and why wouldn't koala vetinary have the authority to sell it thay are a licensed vet.

Mate I aint trying to start drama

more just a quiet heads up that you can get more than a slap on the wrist

if caught out sourcing them in a way deemed incorrect by the law men

and in that case, just buying a whole new breeding colony

would be the cheap option.

Unless its a VET, you can only otherwise be prescribed it by a Dentist, Medical Practitioner or Nurse Practitioner

Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) - METRONIDAZOLE

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Sonny that's a fair call but when I had bloat with my trophs I didn't care who I got it off nor how I did it I just wanted metro ASAP. So I thought why not help out other fellow members in need.

If the person who makes this available for us gets caught mate, then next time your trophs get bloat you will have no one to go to. I think the Mods should remove the named person. If you want to give them details, PM them. Its not hard to do a google search and find it though.

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