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Our Reef tank

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Hi Guys,

just thought I would throw up some pics of our marine tank.


Every now and then the corals have an issue but seem to pop back relatively quickly. The fish are always happy..seem to be fine. We change one third of the water every 3 -4 weeks and the levels all seem fine. The temp goes up and down a few degrees tho so i was wondering if anyone can comment on the effect of temperature on the coral.





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I'd be more worried about the banner fish!

Love the things.......... but they do tend to nip, especially jardini and euphyilia!

Gonis are always difficult, although less so with heavy feeding.

Infact the jardini looks like it needs some food too.

Are you adding any zooplankton foods?

Is that a Tubipora musica to the left of the jardini?

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Nice linkia sea star Bill, it looks a good colour.

The corals aren’t so much the issue with just temperatures, most corals you will buy are found in waters from 19c to 28c,so they can with stand quite a bit for the short term. The problem is the parts per million of pollutants in your aquarium is astronomically higher then in the ocean, so we have to be careful with our reef pets.

The fish, they may stress a little, it depends on many things. The issues are with in the salt water and reactions upon PH, mainly. You see there are a multitude of substances in your water, coming from the live rock, fish and invert waste stages of the nitrogen cycle, the list of what’s in your waters, a part from sodium and chloride, is endless. Once PH is disrupted, the chlorides component of salt with in your waters begins to break its bond and though in very small amounts, it becomes quite toxic. When temps vary,all that is not salt in your waters, are potentialy altered in there molecular structure and react adversly or become or act like something else that is possibly detrimental to stability of KH and PH and available oxygen as well. Keep it all stable Bill, it will be a better hobby for you over the long term if you do this.

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Thanks for info guys. I don't know the latin names of the fish or corel so I cant answer the question above. we are really enjoying the tank and have had it for about 8 months now.,... was a very steep learning curve. We do the tests on levels etc all the time and we do hope to glean some info from this forum. Hopefully we can also put back. Her is a bit of an overview shot of the tank.


thanks again...very helpful info.


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