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complete saltwater setup- 6x2x2 tank will separate- booral

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heres a as new 6 foot x 2 foot x 2 foot tank -setup for salt water

but easily brought back to fresh if you want

choice of 2 stands, 1 massive proffessional cabinet or a standard wooden stand

2 x big 400 watt lights

sump system

pumps , filters etc - everything included , chiller pumps , uv, everything!!!

this is a setup costing around 4000 dollars but due to having to move , this will no longer fit in shop

used for only 3 months ,

will separate or sell as one complete set -

can arange delivery if price is right, we are 3 hours north of brissy but will deliver

this is a proffessional setup designed for shop display and no expense was spared,

asking 2500 ono

heres the specs and prices for indiviual sales

Here's the tank specs-...

6x2x2 Tank on Deluxe cabinet and hood, (only 3months old) $1500

Filtration - Coral Plantations reef enviro filter, $180

Skimmer - Reef Octopus skimmer $300

Water circulation - 2 x 6000lph Tunze circulation pumps $150ea, 1 x Aquamedic OR-3500 $150, 1 x Eheim 2400 $80

Lighting - 2 x 3ft double T5HO actinic lights $ 160ea, 2 x 400watt MH low bay lights. $250 ea

Sterilization - UV sterilizer $150

Chiller - Uni-650 Compact chiller $450

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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