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Bucket of goodies for Saltwater

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Hi I a bucket of goodies that I need to off load the list is

- Chemi pure Elite 182g half left

- Hydrometer

- spectrum grow fish food 75gram almost full

- Red Sea No3 Po4 x reducer 500ml 4/5 full

- Seachem complete, Calcium & Reef Plus 100mls all about 4/5 full

- two little fish Marine snow 250ml 2/3 left

- left over reef salt mcrobe-lift about 500g

- plus the salt bucket :o

only asking $30 take it all


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maybe a 200 litre food grade barrel with hose and tap adapter but have to picture tomorrow otherwise just the seio prop pump 2000LPH for $10 also some test kits and some calcium carbonate gravel 2-3mm about a bucket worth I'm putting up the advert up now

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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