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Want to start plant tank

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how are you going to set tank up?? eg:substrate,light's,fert's ,with or without co2 etc,etc

^ this! depending on ferts / substrate / lighting and CO2 will guide you what you should try. but its

defiantly trial and error - if you get a plant in and it melts and doesn't come back, it probably wont work

until you make some big changes (water hardness, PH, temp, ferts and lighting :P)

As for hardy plants, see if you can find some native Vallisneria nana (thin Val), Java fern, Java moss,

Anubias or Duckweed (good for taking care of excess ferts and reduce algae)

If you havnt built your tank yet, you should look at dirted tanks - really interesting!

O, and look out for plants that ARE NOT true aquatic plants... they will melt and foul your water (dragons

flame plant, mondo grass? a lot of random crap that LFS's sell)

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I've only recently done my first planted tank. You will need patience and need to plan ahead.

Here's a link to that, I will post an update a bit later on.


Some good plants to start with are Java Fern, Hygrophila Polysperma, Water Sprite is great, Ludwigia Natans, Vallisneria Nana (Thin Val).

After a while things will start to make sense and you might want to step into more advanced plants, and definitely start aquascaping.

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