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So I picked up this tank today...

2100mm x 800mm x 800mm but has the bayfront and on the back

Going to be a nice marine tank

Came with 3 x 120W LED units - hoping this is enough for LPS and soft corals, might upgrade down the track to keep some SPS corals

Marine sources skimmer - are these good?

Haliea chiller

Sump with refugium area

Wave maker pumps with the Boyu wavemaker controller unit

Dosing pump with controller

The whole thing needs a lot of cleaning, painting, better plumbing etc.

No idea how to setup the skimmer again or any of the other controllers etc. but that'll be the fun part haha




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How much$?

It all looks really good!

Sps are not that hard in relation to lighting.

The ones in the top tank are not worth mentioning, but I keep a few in the bottom tank under ten watt fluro replacement tubes with quarter watt leds in them and they do fine.

They are just close to the surface and are well fed, so the photosynthetic algae with in are not the be all and end all of their feeding requirements.

Also their are some in my tubs and they get very weak lighting, yet still grow and have reasonable colour.

Water quality, trace elements, balanced nutrients; lots of flow and good quality foods do wonders.

The flow part is a must; I have just over three thousand litres and hour moving in each of my 2 foot by 16 inch by 17 inch tanks

Your 120 watt leds will most likely do fine if you provide sps with what they need.

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So first update

I cleaned up the paint on the back, cleaned the hood and lights (lots of salt on them), working out how to wire the lights and pump controllers and cleaned up all the wave making pumps!



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haha yeah it's got to get worse before it gets better!

I researched the pumps/wavemakers - well they are Boyu WM-3 and Macro Precise wave maker - does anyone have thoughts on if I replaced them (so 6 pumps in total) with a Vortech MP60? or MP40?

Plus there will be water flow created by the return pump from the sump...

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Ah I'm not too sure lol

I think the four Boyu ones are 5000L/hr

But I'm uncertain about the "Macro Precise" branded ones

I'm thinking down the track of selling them all and using just one Vortech MP60WES

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Few updates:

Cleaned up the sump and worked out plumbing (hopefully it works)

Will be plumbing it all up tomorrow!

Cleaned up the skimmer and did a test run as well

Stand has been cleaned up of salt creep and also has a light fitted in for the refugium

Another question: I have an ozoniser by haliea, is it useful?





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Lots of fun man!

Wicked tank indeed.

How thicks the glass?

Thinking an mp60wes would do a dam fine job in their, but always nice to have at least 3 sources of water movement.

The return pump, an mp60wes and another wavemaker (or a few of the ones you already have) would be good.

Ya realise this has the potential to eat into your tang time!

What are you going to do for water?

mix it


go collect............


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haha yeah so far so good!!!

glass is 12mm thick I'm pretty sure, I haven't measured it though...

I was thinking the MP60WES mainly because I hope it is strong enough + the return flow for the whole tank so I don't need lots of power heads/wave makers but for now I'll use what I have

haha it already has eaten into the tanganyikan time! but I'll be selling them up in 2 years time anyway, for now I'm happy with my setup/systems with room for more - as fish become more common and available (tanganyikans) by other breeders lol

I've still got my 50cm cube going well, I keep buying acans! but I should spend my money on this new marine tank -.-

Water I'm thinking of getting it delivered and then store 1000L in an IBC for 200L monthly water changes as stocking will be pretty low for a while

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All ready for base rock and water, but I'll do a run with freshwater and vinegar first to check for leaks and things

Plus, the tank is being moved to the other side of the lounge room into a corner, as that's how the tank shape was designed to fit into a room (see pictures for new location)





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Got base rock, live rock and moved everything from my nano tank, still need to paint the hood and stand though and put back on the skirting pieces around the base of the tank

a few corals and some coral banded shrimp coming next week

still a heap of dry goods needing to be bought though for dosing, refractormeter (anyone got one for sale?), reactors etc.

also, anyone got chaeto?

Got some interesting hitch hikers - 2 black nudibranchs, a hermit crab, lots of christmas tree worms, a small blenny looking fish and a colony of acans and another coral which looks like green monti




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Water parameters are (I think I tested all the main things?)

Nitrate: 5ppm

pH: 8.4 (seems high?)

Phosphate: 0.5ppm

Calcium: 460ppm

kH: 6.7dkH

lol just realised I have 3 calcium, 4 pH, 2 nitrate, 2 phosphate, 2 kH test kits, 2 ammonia, 1 nitrite and 1 gH test kits... so many!!! Sera, Salifert, Aquasonic, API, Hagen brands :D

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thats one hell of a leap!

nice work.

but dont forget......... take it slow at first.

baby steps mate.

bit by bit


Yeah I am hoping to get an Auto top off system and my dosing chemicals this weekend and figure out a dosing regime before adding too much stock

but I also thought maybe I dont need to dose for calcium or alk till I have corals using up those components?

Also still need my phosban reactor but I will wait till my refugium is going with macro algae

I had to move stuff from my nano though, had no other choice

I have the lighting timers setup so it is like a sunrise and sunset which is awesome to see :-D

I will start dosing NO3:PO4 X by red sea however

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