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Breeding Betta's - My plans/Ideas

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Hey guys,

I have been keeping fish with my partner for over a year now... Surprisingly we have progressed from a tiny 14L tank to a 300L and 270L and a few smaller tanks in that time and we love it!!!!

Recently I have been researching and slowly setting up a betta breeding area! I have a male post-10577-14711629046872_thumb.jpg Banana and a female (I dont have any pictures) but her name is marshmallow she is white with tiny black dots in a circular pattern on her tail.

She is a Super-delta and Banana is a Halfmoon.

I have looked a lot into this and I have a 20L spawning tank with a heater. A 14L for the female to retreat to immediately afterwards and a 270L grow out tank for the fry when they are old enough, as well as LOTS of containers and jars for the baby males when they need to be separated.

I plan on spawning them with 4-5" of water in the 20L a heater rather high with a Styrofoam cup for the nest and LOTS of plants and hiding places for the female. She will be in a jar or a coke bottle until it is time for her to come into contact with the male (when he has built a nest and she has breeding stripes.

I'm more interested in the genetics of the breed. What possible outcomes could I encounter etc.

Also any criticism or advice on breeding experiences etc would be welcome!


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