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Box of goodies - test kits, auto feeder, heater, pump, filter material, extras $50

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** sold - no longer available **

Have a box of random left overs from my African Cichlid setup that I had to disassemble due to moving overseas. This includes

- a battery operated automatic feed (Can feed variable amount up to 6 times a day)

- Around 1L of tap water conditioner

- Variety of test kits, most still fairly full (pH, GH, Nitrite, Nitrate etc)

- Excel algae treatment

- some Melafix

- some Cichlid food

- Activated charcoal, calcium carbonate

- A lot of filter wool (can be cut into pads)

- 200W in tank heater

- in tank powerhead pump with internal filter baskets (ie can be used as a powerhead, pump or internal filter)

- nets, buckets, gravel syphon cleaner, algae scraper cleaner

- oxygen pump, and heaps of connections/airline

Looking to sell together, looking for $50, pick up from Nundah. Please PM me!



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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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