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Today I bought 5 Diamond Tetras from a VERY nice store, I previously hadn't seen them before.

Bit of an impulse buy I guess, but I think they'll look very nice in the Paludarium once it's complete.

They are schooling with some White Clouds at the moment, you really have to see them to appreciate them.

Does anyone else own any or have experience with them?

I was told by the store owner they were a Cardinal varient, but my research tells me they are Neons.

They look a lot like a Neon but instead of the blue stripe, they only have a blue head, but it's like an iridescent blue, looks like diamond.



Not great pics, you really do need to see them top view, for yourself.

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Keeped a school of 100 in my display a few years back nice fish easy to breed .Not a cardinal but a diamond head neon.spawened mine in 12 x12 x 6 inch tank bare bottom with a fist size java moss in 1 corner.

I've only got 4 now, think the spiny eel knocked one off, a few of them look pretty fat (I assume females?).

Much chance I could get them to breed?

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