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WTB Large display DW piece

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Hey all, as above Im chsing a large display piece of DW for my 8 footer.

Looking for something around the 6ft in length that looks good, that will dominate the tank

Let me know what you have and how much etc.

Will pay well for the right piece.



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Mate I had the same dillema as you for months. Check out aquarium warehouse down here on the gold coast. Right next to harbour town. They have some EPIC bigger pieces, none of the run of the mill log stuff you see everyday. Check out this piece I got the other week.


They cost a pretty penny, but well worth it if you are after a feature piece.

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Try this link to an old thread.


It is the Piece number 2.

I sold the other 2 pieces.

I put it on gumtree this morning for $80, but for the forum I would do $60 or concider a trade for some Pepps (any size).

Thx dan but not really what im looking for.

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just a suggestion. I saw a nice cylindrical type wood about 7ft tall in CityFarmers near harbourtown shopping centre. That will be a nice display centre piece. Will cost you around a thousand though, but you can saw to small pieces that somebody may want to share with you.

similar to this, but it's so big that you can't hug it. they have two there.


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