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Cheap Discus plus Bolivian Ram

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*** sold and picked up ***


I'm trying to reduce the stocking level in my tank so I have two fish for sale. Selling these together in one go.

1. A discus - red turq I think, but not 100% sure. Not great quality, but not too bad either. I bought it from a LFS about 10 months ago when it was quite tiny (and way overpriced), and it is now approx 12 cms. I'm guessing it is approx 12 months old. No known health issues. Eats like a pig. Hand-fed on dried blackworms and frozen bloodworms/brine shrimp/mysis.

2. A female Bolivian Ram - nothing special... just a typical Bolivian Ram.

$70 for both, pickup from Calamvale on the south side of Brisbane. PM for interest.

Will throw in a baby bristlenose or two. Plus I will cut a few of whatever stems you like from my tank.

Will only sell to someone who is keeping discus already.

Pic of the discus:


WEB5D3_2013-0829 by cy1234, on Flickr

Fish are from this tank:


WEB5D3_2013-0663 by cy1234, on Flickr

Videos of the discus and the ram (sorry about the white balance.. I'm new to video):

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