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One of my frontosa looks a little sick hanging at the top of tank, looks like

his belly is full just the bottom end doesn't really looks like 'bloat' as had that

before in fish ages ago... He's the biggest fish in the tank about a year old,

don't over feed them..They only eat cichlid gold pellets..Water is showing normal signs..

30% water change and cleaned my fx5 the other day.. Breathing heavy at top of tank

There is plenty of air & water movement.. Pls any help would be great...

Ph 8.. Nitrite No2- 0 ppm.. Ammonia NH3/NH4+ 0 ppm (maybe a little pale green 0.25 but

only a very little).. Nitrate NO3- 0 ppm

Cheers Steven

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bit hard to say without seeing the fish but the breathing heavy is usually a sign of bacterial disease if you dont have ammonia and there is plenty of airation ,i would suggest you do a 30% w/c and a coarse of melafix or pimafix ,or something a bit stronger like trisulphur or aquacyline maybe.

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Thanks for the advice guys, no real change in him over night

I'm bout to leave for a 11hr day at work so fingers crossed. Will

see how he is tonight might have to set up a hospital tank for him..

Donny he does look a bit shabby so u might be on the money

he is the biggest in the tank by far.....


-does size matter or as they say!!!! Cheers

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So I was planning on setting up a hospital tank and treating only

the sick fish for bloat as it look like the problem, my question is

should I be treating the main tank and all the fish or only sick fish....

Is bloat contagious??..

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