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Canister Filters

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I have for sale 2 Canister filters. They are 750 & 650 Via Aqua's (I think they are the same as Aqua One)

The 750 is in great working order with fairly new filter sponges. The little hollow tube filter media, I forget their name, is original however they work fine. It comes with all hoses, inlets and outlets etc. Does not leak and is very quite.

The 650 is to be sold as parts. I believe it still works however one of the taps leaks. And I do not have any hose for it. But I still have the accessories as per the picture. You should be able to pick up a tap from an aquarium store for about $15 and the hose from a hardware store for cheap. It has all the filter media still in good condition.

I am after $60 for both.

Will Trade for some Pepps any size or Tangs. PM me with what you have for trade?

I am in Camp Hill which is just south east of the Gabba.


PS. It sounds like a plane flew at the start of the clip. It acually is quite.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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