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NEW Breeder Registry Is Now Open, Contact Webmaster For Your Account

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QLDAF Breeders Registry (NOW OPEN)

The new QLDAF Breeders Registry offers some new and unique opportunities for breeders to promote themselves. Breeder Registry members will have:

- Their own individual subsection of the forum to promote themselves and advertise their fish.

- The ability to moderate their section of the forum. (The ability to add stickies, lock, remove and edit posts & threads in their section, etc)

- A change to their title (below their username) to identify them around the forum. ('QLDAF Registered Breeder' will appear below user name instead of 'member', 'senior member' etc)

- An increase amount of messages allowed in your inbox storage (from 100 to 500)

Applications for access to the breeder section are invited. We expect applicants to match the below criteria:

- 100+ informative posts. We are looking to include active and helpful breeders who are regularly and currently sharing their experience and expertise for the good of the hobby.

- No current infractions.

- Regular supply of quality fry for sale.

This does mean extra data storage and put demands on the server, and hence we will be actively asking breeder registry owners who are not active to justify their continued inclusion.

Inclusion on the breeder registry is a privilege not a right and may be revoked at our discretion at any time.

It is our aim that the breeder registry will be a list of well respected, highly regarded breeders in QLD and will be people that anyone should be able to deal with, with full confidence in both the fish they are purchasing and the advice they are given.

Applications now open!

Please send your application via PM to webmaster or via email to webmaster@qldaf.com for consideration of inclusion in the new Breeder Registry.

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Not sure if you have had a look, but was taking a browse and love the additions members are making to there own sections - every one is different.

http://www.qldaf.com/forums/dfishkeeper-breeder-registry-palm-beach-african-cichlids-gibberosa-frontosa-164/so-who-dfishkeeper-91889/ A bit about who Doug is !

shon982 Breeder Registry, CASHMERE - Tanganyikan Cichlids check out shons tips on feeding tangs and his fish profile.

Too many others too mention but they are all different and unique.

There are other members who have not applied for a section yet. HURRY UP!

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