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" playboy" halfmoon plakat fighter $1230 -aquabid.

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Artwork that last 3years? Worst investment ever.

Or less lol. But some fish are worth big coin because they are rare, high demand and low supply. If you breed them and people want to buy them, it is worth it.

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I had a pure black one I bought for $4.50 at my lfs I should have put it on there for $4k

Bought the best of show Pure Black Halmoon Plakat from the International Betta Congress show in 2012. He was only $50 so I wouldnt count on getting $4k. You have to have something that is fairly rare. But most Betta fish fetch more than your run of the mill african cichlid.

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Yeah saw this one on aquabid.

They also have a SUPER YELLOW RED EYES plakat for same price ATM

Playboybetta is a very well known breeder and usually has good quality betta at reasonable money ($15 - $35 USD).

They Specializes in Plakat mainly and bloody nice ones at that.

Anyone who knows anything about the actual genetics of these fish would appreciate the rarity and beauty in this mutation ..... Albino or red eyes are not easy and usually very weak recessive mutation in any species.

The albino gene in betta is extremely rare and only offered for sale once in a bluemoon and the yellow red eyed one would be my pick out of the two ....... HMMMM wonder does Playboybetta have a sibling female ???

Well done PLAYBOYBETTA ........ Love the yellow red eyed plakat male



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