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stainless steel Led light box build

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Hey guys these are the led light boxes ive started building, these photos are for a 10x4 tank so they are 3 meters long, they can be made any size ready for you to add your adhesive led strips, cheap alternative for lighting. great for big tanks as you cant buy lights this big. also great for your breeding racks as its cheap on power and you can light more then one tank with one light box. if your interested pm me , they go for 30 bucks with open ends and 55 dollars each with the ends capped. anyways heres some pics, great price guys considering its industrial kitchen grade stainless steel.





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Picked these up today.

Can honestly say these are great.

I can't wait to get them set up.

Sorry for the change of plans many times.

Also put a spike strip out the front to slow those hoons down.

It was like being track side at willowbank.

Bloody great work mate.

Thanks heaps.

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Haha yeah my rd is crazy for the hoons!! Think I'm going to stick a speed camera sign on my front lawn. Glad u like them mate now that I have some spare time I'm goin to build mine for my 8ft , post some pics up when you've done

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