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Swap/offers: xxl driftwood triangular shape

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I have taken this out of my tank last weekend. Decided i wont be needing it. It is enough to cover a 4x2 tank. Length estimated at 44 inches and about 18-20 inch high. Can be use lying down or a centerpiece by leaning on the tanks side. Had been in tank for years. Its a twisted shape like the number 8 on a 3d look. It took me a while to hunt for this, and want this not be saw to smaller piece as its hard to find a big piece like this. I got this for $300, but can take offers or part swap with some anubias or fancy exotics with cash adjustment in your favour. Let me know what you have.



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Anubias or exotic rare fish.

Heres a pic in a 4ft tank. It almost filled up the tank. Also you would noticed the "8" shape from this angle. I have taken it out last weekend and just placed it on my 4ftr a few hours ago and now floats. It may require some weights to keep it in place on your tank.


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