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Assembling a 3 foot glass tank

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Assembling a 3 foot glass tank

By jimbozed

material List:

6mm glass

2 @ 900x400 (front and back)

2 @ 400x400 (ends)

1 @ 888x400 (bottom)

2 @ 860x20 (front braces, lid supports)

2 @ 360x20 (end braces, lid supports)

1 @ 400x (centre piece, top)

2 @ 350x40 (centre lid supports)

Make sure all edges are wiped down with metho and a clean rag

Use silicone for aquariums (acetic cure) NOT NEUTRAL CURE

Step 1.

Stand base on its edge.

Run a bead of silicone down the end edge of the base.

Take end piece and stand against the base.

(fig 1 image)


Use some tape to hold the corner together.

(step 1 image)



Repeat step 1. for the other end

(step2 image)


Notice on the right side of above pic I pushed an off cut of glass into the corner to get the angle square. You don’t have to use glass, a piece of wood cut at 90 degrees would be fine.

Leave this for an hour or so for the silicone to cure a little before going to next step.

Step 3.

Run a bead of silicone around the top edge of the base and sides,

Lower the front panel onto the silicone

(fig 2 image)


Tape the edges and leave this for a few hours before going to next step.

(step3 image)



Turn the tank over so the front panel is down.

(fig 3 image)


Run a bead of silicone around the top edge.

Place the back panel on top and tape down in place.

(step 4 image)


Step 5.

Now you can put the front brace on.

Remember to wipe down the areas where you are going to apply the silicone.

Run a bead of silicone along one of the brace strips and put in place .

Put it 6mm down from the top and leave an even gap at each end.

Leave this again for an hour or two.

(step 5 image)


Turn the tank over again and fit the brace to the other side.

Do the same for the ends.


Silicone the centre lid supports either side of the centre panel.

(step 6 image)


Leave for a while and then fit to the top of the tank.

(step 6a image)


When you look closely at the outer edges of the tank you should be able to see if there are any bubbles in the silicone between the glass panels. Preferably you dont want any, if there are a few small bubbles you will get away with it on a tank this size.

(step 6b image)


As an extra seal run a bead of silicone around the inside corners of the tank , wet your finger with some detergent and smooth over the bead.

(step 6c image)


Leave completed tank for another couple of days for silicone to cure completely before filling with water..

All that is left now is to get some lids..

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