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My 4ft tanks FISH LIST>>>>>>>>>>>

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My Fish


lots of larva rock an caves lots of filtration

there all starting to get there full colours most about 4cm to 8cm...

1x Julidochromis marlieri (?)

1x pseudotropheus demasoni (Male)

1x pseudotropheus flavus (Male)

3x Pseudotropheus sp. "Kingsizei (1m,2f)

3x labidochromis sp mbamba (1m,2f)

3x labidochromis caeruleus (1m,2f)

3x sciaenochromis fryeri (1m,2f)

1x sciaenochromis fryeri White knight (Male)

3x altolamprologus calvus (?)

1x aulonocara masoni (Male)

1x maylandia lombardoi (Male)

4x bristlenose catfish

1x sailfin plecostomus

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yeh will put vid up when i get a chance....

um yeh some chase others around the alphas are always changing some have white mouths from challanging but yeh no one has died or ever been beaten up totally um the yellows are very mellow and the calvas stay away from confrontation and my white knight is the biggest but pretty mellow they all seem to hav there homes they protect them... when they get biiger i will have to upgrade but so far its quiet the display tank.....

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