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PVC Pipe Filter

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The idea.

To build a cheap effective external filter.



800mm x 100mm storm water pipe

1 x end cap

1 x threaded sleeve

1 x screw cap

2 x 90 degree female 19mm barbs

2 x straight 19mm male barbs

2m x 19mm clear water hose

1 x power head

Aquarium silicone

pvc glue

As I was given a lot of the materials I am unable to give a cost for this project



Push the cap on the bottom and the threaded sleeve on the top and mark the tube for you holes.

Remove the end pieces and drill and file the holes so the straight male fitting is a tight fit.

I put my holes at 90 degrees to each other.

At the bottom, put the 90 degree fitting on the out side facing up.

At the top, put the 90 degree fitting inside, facing up.

Use aquarium silicone around the fittings and on the threads


Use pvc glue to seal the cap and the threaded sleeves on.

Leave for a day for silicone to cure


I filled the bottom half of the tube with bio balls, then put some filter wool on top of that, although you can use your own media configuration if it pleases. Maybee add a bag of charcoal.

Connect hose between the powerhead and the inlet at the bottom

Run a hose from the top outlet back into the tank.

I have this filter running on a 3 foot tank with a 2100lph power head pushing water through it.


The height of the filter can be changed to suit the tank it stands behind or beside, i would make it at least 100mm higher than the tank.

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