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hi can anyone tell me roughly how long elec yellows and blues take to get to about 4cm or sellable size.

also can i grow the fry up in the same tank as bn fry or will the elec yellows try and eat them.

any help would be very appreciated great.

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The speed of growth depends on the tank size. I have some lombardi Fry in a 2 footer and some in a 3 footer. Teh ones in the 3 footer are a month younger than the others but are almost the same size. They have all been in there about 3 months and the ones in the 2 footer are about the 4cm mark. I know the bluse and yellows can grow up in the same tank.I cant help you with the b/n question but I would think it would depend on the size of the b/n fry. Hope this helps you some

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