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The Neon's Tank

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Here are a couple of shots of the 300lt Planted Neon Tank now that it has established.

It has been set up for a few weeks now and both plants and fish seem very happy :)





Fish List:

- 10 Neon Tetras

- 2 Pakistani Loaches

- 3 Congo Tetras

- 8 Glow Light Tetras

- 10 Mountain Cloud Minnows

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Yes Shorty I do have the odd one or two!

As well as Barras, Perch and Bass ;)

Rainbowfish include:

- Dubouliya

- Boesmani

- Splendida

- Parkinsoni

- Thread fin

as well as native Gudgeons such as Fire Tails and Empires and Blue Eyes.

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